Following Your Ancestors

The Control Panel that displays while using our APP has a “Drop Down Buttom” that permits you to jump to any time of the day (we refer to them as “Ticks”). Additionally there is a a “Button” labelled “FIND UNIT” which will allow you to find any unit that fought at Gettysburg. The catch is, that the unit must be on the Battlefield for you to “find” it. The tables below show the units by state, and the “First Tick” that the unit marched onto the map.

By using these two functions, you can orient the APP map at the precise time and location to see the unit of your ancestor at the time they came onto the Battlefield; and then from there you can follow their movements until the end of Day 3. And, if you are using the APP while actually on the Battlefield, or the next time you visit Gettysburg, you can now literally walk in the foot-steps of your ancestors. 


Alabama - Florida - Georgia

Louisianna - Maryland - Mississippi - North Carolina (Infantry)

North Carolina (Artillery, Cavalry) - South Carolina - Tennessee - Texas - Virginia (Infantry)

Virginia (Artillery, Cavalry)


Connecticut - Delaware - Illinois - Indiana - Massachusetts - Maryland - Maine

Michigan - Minnesota - New Hampshire - New Jersey - New York

New York (Con't) - Ohio - Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania (Con't) - Rhode Island

U.S. Regulars - Vermont - Wisconsin - West Virginia